• parents: why are you on the internet all the time you have homework
  • my mind: i fucking know i have homework to do you idiots i'm over stressed and i'm distracting myself on purpose school is fucking hell you may have gone when you were younger but it's fucking different now there are all new stresses and bad people and assessments and detentions and tests and exams and pressure and more studying and we over think all these things and it makes everything worse and it scares us so we procrastinate by going on the internet and actually having fun instead of working our asses off because we are so fucking stressed and confused and tired of everything THAT'S WHY I'M ON THE INTERNET ALL THE TIME OK
  • me: ok

Moss-Powered ElectricityAre mosses the new solar panels?


Moss-Powered Electricity
Are mosses the new solar panels?

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What does kindness get you? This.


Watch it!

Oh my god you guys I literally just burst into tears I was not expecting to be this fucked up over some fucking youtube video.

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